Oliver Bennett and the XITE Racing team head to Sweden this weekend for the sixth round of the FIA World Rallycross Championship.

Höljes will mark the fifth outing for the XITE Mini Cooper SX1, and Bennett is growing in confidence each time out.

“I want to say I have some firmer expectations for Höljes, but I wont get ahead of myself as its a very technical and fast track that I have never driven before!” says Bennett.

“I am much more comfortable in the Mini now, the setup is ironed out and the mechanical issues are pretty much all put to bed.

“I guess its just down to me for Höljes, which is how I like it! Time to push the car some more!”

Last year Bennett ran in the British Rallycross Championship, racing a Ford Fiesta, he now feels comfortable with the Mini in the same way as he did the Fiesta.

“I think im growing into it more and more, to the point I no longer look back at my fiesta like I did originally. This car has got so much room to grow, its nimble and fast so once im comfortable and the setup is right im expecting some good things”

Last time out the handbrake lever on the Mini fell apart as Bennett raced on in Q4, this time he has made sure it wont happen again, “Double bolted, ready to be abused!”

The XITE Mini Cooper SX1 is all new for 2018, asked on how the fans have received the car Bennett tells us:

“They love it, we get so many comments on how it XITE’s the grid, the way it looks different from the rest of the grid and even the photographers comment its a pleasure to view through the lens!

“It reminds me a lot of the Focus of last year, it just looks like an alien in the field. Something to keep an eye on among the curvy smooth looking hatchbacks!”

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